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Yay, Report Cards.

Do you have any idea how good I am at procrastinating?  Absolutely fabulous.  Especially when it comes to calculating report card marks and writing comments.  My house will suddenly become spotless (even the ring around the tub will vanish), my … Continue reading

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Invisible Art

#NipRockArt students learned about Invisible Art today.  Listen to CBC’s podcast: INVISIBLE ART I think it’s safe to say that Lana Newstrom’s artwork left an impression on my classes.  The image below includes some of the most common words found throughout … Continue reading

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Better Out Than In

I created the artwork above because no one is immune to mental strife. …  One of the best forms of therapy is having the ability to talk to someone who is willing to listen; to provide another perspective.  Since a … Continue reading

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What Kind Of Teacher Do You Want To Be?

Recently, a friend asked me about teaching the way I aspire to teach.  We had a great chat, and his questions about finding inspiration have stayed with me. I came across this video that brought me back to my childhood, … Continue reading

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Brand New Class! Are You Tech Ready? « The Art of Education

Brand New Class! Are You Tech Ready? « The Art of Education. Kudos to Jessica Balsey and her post re: Technology in the ART CLASS!!  Way to go, Jessica ~ I can’t wait to learn all about it!!

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