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A Model of Thinking

The Arts Curriculum for Ontario has provided educators with two models of thinking that are very helpful for teachers and students.  If we use these models as a foundation on which we build our understanding of course concepts, our learning can … Continue reading

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What Comes Before Creativity?

My students have been exploring growth mindset lately.  Together, we have discussed what it is, how it differs from a fixed mindset, and what is needed to support those who are willing to realign their thinking. . Many students are … Continue reading

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How Do You Support Risk-Taking in Your Class?

Many educators agree that risk-taking is a quality that they want to encourage in their classrooms, but it may be difficult to support it in the classroom.  We may tell students that they can learn from making mistakes, but who … Continue reading

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Thanks Tim!

Tim Bogatz was kind enough to include me in his “14 of 2014”, and interviewed me in his post: Colleen Rose.  Many thanks! 🙂  

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In The Zone

Artists are happiest when they are creating.  There is no better therapy than the experience, the feeling of creation.  Having ideas is fine, but there unless you produce, you will feel somewhat unfulfilled. I recently shared the following video with … Continue reading

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