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Have You Participated in a TLLP Project? Please Share Your Experience(s) with Technology!

Next month, Leanne Oliver and I will be leading a session for new TLLP groups. We are going to provide a variety of technology options for these new groups, such as Google Tools, Flipgrid, TeachOntario, Twitter, Telligami, etc., but we … Continue reading

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. It’s hard to believe that I’m home after such a great experience at #BIT15 — it seems a little like the calm of Boxing Day (when you stay at home), after Christmas. There were some highlights at this year’s conference … Continue reading

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Playing With Green Screen (…finally!)

You know that moment when something drastic needs to happen in order to make you get up off your butt & do what you need to do?  Example:  inviting someone over for a visit, which will bring on a cleaning … Continue reading

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Learning About #EDM (Electronic Dance Music) With @JLucas

I’ve been learning a lot about #EDM thanks to a student who is interested in developing his skills for the future.  This is all new territory for me, but thank goodness for the help of Jay Lucas, our school board’s … Continue reading

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Learning About E-Learning

I always rolled my eyes at the jokes about commitment on sit-coms.  When the topic of marriage popped up, you would see the deer-in-the-headlights look, sweating, and panicked avoidance (this seemed to happen to men on shows that thrive on stereotypes). … Continue reading


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SeLNO 2015

A few days ago, I had the chance to attend SeLNO, the Symposium for e-Learning in Northwestern Ontario.  What a great opportunity to listen to fabulous presentations and share our knowledge.  George Couros started things off with a keynote that emphasized the personal … Continue reading

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#BIT14, Day 2 & 3

By far, the most touching aspect of #bit14: when we see how students benefit from the changes we make as teachers. — Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR) November 6, 2014 Bring IT Together was phenomenal.  Almost overwhelming. My friends (colleagues) and I … Continue reading

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Blogging Question for my #edtech PLN

I love blogging.  It’s an excellent way to share your thoughts with others, to collaborate, to learn, to create… etc., etc. My question is this:  is there a platform that makes it easier for high school students to blog? Let … Continue reading

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Show Me

ShowMe is an app that I’m starting to really enjoy.  Even though I don’t enjoy talking a lot, this app makes it easier to speak, because you can illustrate what you are trying to say. In the past, I’ve encouraged … Continue reading

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#ECOO13: What a Rush!

I’m sitting at home, after a 2-day adventure at #ECOO13 (The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario‘s 2013 Conference, “Bring IT Together“), trying to process all of the fantastic learning from crazy-good keynotes, an amazing variety of sessions, and fun times … Continue reading

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