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The teachers I admire are one-half avant-garde and one-half renegade. They challenge their students, and they challenge traditional learning. They’re cool.   Art is traditionally taught by introducing different materials and techniques to students, and then evaluating how well each student manages … Continue reading


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Growth Mindset: Hacky Sack Style

I’m an art teacher, but every now & then, I’m asked to teach a different subject.  This year, I have a full schedule of art except for one period of Geography.  It’s already been a great learning experience, and we’re … Continue reading

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What Comes Before Creativity?

My students have been exploring growth mindset lately.  Together, we have discussed what it is, how it differs from a fixed mindset, and what is needed to support those who are willing to realign their thinking. . Many students are … Continue reading

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Student Voice: Learning Conditions Needed to Support a Growth Mindset

I can’t explain the learning that has been happening in my classroom lately.  All I know is that it’s cool.  Maybe after reading through this post, you can help to explain it and make meaning from it by providing another … Continue reading

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Can A Fixed Mindset Be Changed?

After my students thought & wrote about growth mindset, Dave Tamblyn challenged us to think about people who have a fixed mindset. Thank you Colleen for sharing this. What a great exercise! I wish I had been there to have heard … Continue reading

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Last Friday, I participated in a Leadership Learning Team meeting with other educators in our school board.  It was a great opportunity to think about the way we teach, and we were challenged to share this learning with others.  This might have … Continue reading

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Conditions for Learning

This one’s called “To Be A Teacher.” #newspaperblackout#blackoutpoetrypic.twitter.com/kwJIcA057p — Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) November 21, 2014   One question from yesterday’s session is still unanswered, and that bugs me.  A lot. How am I going to lead this learning when I … Continue reading

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