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Leadership: Faith in Others

  Somehow, through a series of fortunate events, I am benefitting from the support of other leaders.  My career is beginning to evolve and it is only through my relationships with strong and secure leaders that I am able to … Continue reading

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Play: Essential for Learning

One of the most effective ways to nurture creativity is to provide an environment where artists can explore and experiment freely.  My grade 10 students were introduced to reduction printing this week, and we spent a number of classes having fun with … Continue reading

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Andragogy: a New World of Learning

I hadn’t heard the term andragogy until about three weeks ago, when I was listening to a podcast from #EdChat Radio while running on the treadmill.  In this episode, Tom Whitby and Nancy Blair discuss the usefulness of Professional Development with their … Continue reading

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Teaching, Learning, Leading

  Teaching, Learning, Leading#leadership https://t.co/Vka1QEYcp1 pic.twitter.com/7yI4LliSx7 — Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR) March 28, 2016 . What is the relationship between teaching, learning and leading? These thoughts were prompted by reading Dr. Justin Tarte’s tweet this morning:   Leaders don’t change people. … Continue reading

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Conditions for Learning

This one’s called “To Be A Teacher.” #newspaperblackout#blackoutpoetrypic.twitter.com/kwJIcA057p — Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) November 21, 2014   One question from yesterday’s session is still unanswered, and that bugs me.  A lot. How am I going to lead this learning when I … Continue reading

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