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“Art Teacher”: An Assembly-Line Coordinator, or a Creativity Facilitator?

This post is prompted by the insightful and helpful suggestions provided by Melissa Purtee, in the Art of Education’s latest article, “3 Ways to Teach for Creativity in the Art Room“. Her writing challenges educators who may be relying on outdated … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson

It seemed like any ordinary afternoon… …until I had the chance to chat with Sir Ken Robinson! Ok, so although I’m absolutely thrilled to have had the chance to toss ideas around with one of the coolest educational gurus of our time, I … Continue reading

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Learning About Genius Hour

The only way that I think I can begin to sort out my thoughts about Genius Hour is to begin writing. I hope that by sharing my thoughts, I’ll get some feedback and maybe the concept will become less confusing. … Continue reading

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Appreciating Failure

There is much to be said about the value of making mistakes.  I can say with all honesty that I have learned much more from my mistakes than my successes.  Don’t get me wrong — I enjoy the times that … Continue reading

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