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Let’s Welcome @Dorion8765 to Twitter

I figured out how to put video on Twitter. Here is some art from our class. #sgdsblearns pic.twitter.com/eGsdZAubH0 — Grade 5/6/7/8 Dorion (@Dorion8765) March 31, 2016 It was so great to see a new Twitter account yesterday, especially from my … Continue reading

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Are you an educator? Do you use Twitter?

Next month, I will be running a little online workshop for educators who are interested in exploring/using Twitter.  I would love to collect a few stories from my PLN, if you’re willing to share your experiences! When did you “get connected” … Continue reading


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#LearningIsLike… ?

What is it like to learn?  Do you remember?  Has it been a while, or are you in the midst of learning?  How can you describe it?     My students and I are beginning to explore this topic, as … Continue reading

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How I Found My Voice

I’ve always been shy. Public speaking competitions & toastmasters didn’t change that. Put me in front of a group of people and expect me to say something coherent? Good luck. Anxiety rears its ugly head and suddenly my thoughts vanish. … Continue reading

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Ideas Needed…

Binders, although still used, are slowly becoming… not quite obsolete (we still use paper handouts!), but less useful.  I’ll explain. I began teaching in 1999.  I used the usual format of objectives, instructions, resources, and curriculum expectations to guide me … Continue reading

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