The Process

Embroidered artwork by Iviva Olenick

Embroidered artwork by Iviva Olenick

Anyone can be lazy.  Artists can get lazy.  It’s sad to think about all of the creative works that never came to be, because the artist didn’t take the time to make them.  A bit of a push, some encouragement or a little inspiration may be all that’s needed to light the fire again.  PULSE Contemporary Art Fair shared the image above on their Facebook page, and I was glad to see that the artist, Iviva Olenick, made sure to claim creative rights (after seeing that she hadn’t been credited for the work) by commenting on the picture.  Please be sure to check out her work by heading to her website, Iviva Olenick, Narrative Embroidery.

Moving on.

Right now, I’m taking my Honours Specialist course through Queen’s University.  I’m loving it.  Normally I wouldn’t think of posting about a project, but there were a few links and images that I wanted to share.  Besides, blogging helps me think.

The project challenged us to take a look at our own creative process.  Hmm, I’m pretty sure I haven’t really thought about my creative process since my university years.  I’ve made art since then, but I haven’t really challenged my creativity.  I’ve drawn portraits and painted landscapes, but I haven’t pushed any limits.  Interesting to think that creativity has so many layers.  I thought I was being creative, and I guess I was, but there’s a point where an artist takes their skills for granted.

So here it is:

I guarantee you, I’m not taking this process for granted.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each step.  Well, except for the guilt that goes with wanting to take time for myself.  But that’s what the artwork is all about:  the pressure, the anxiety of my life as a Mother, a professional and an artist.  The divided loyalties, as Panya’s grandmother would say.

The artwork isn’t just a reflection of my experience; it’s dedicated to my Mother and her sisters.  Women I’ve loved and admired, and whose lives reflect what I see as a beautiful balance of roles.



DSC_0246 DSC_0247 DSC_0253 DSC_0257 DSC_0249

If I ever get the chance to display this work, I think I’ll frame it in clamps.

Seems appropriate 😉

An additional note: I love Barbara Kruger.  Her combination of text & images speaks volumes, providing opportunities for society to talk about issues that some people would rather not face.

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