A Student Reaches Out to Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes is one of our country’s best advocates for raising awareness of mental health and its issues.  On June 21, 2014, #ClarasBigRide came through Nipigon, allowing people in our area to be a part of something wonderful:  a chance to witness someone taking a positive stance and making a change on behalf of Canadians.

One of my art students has also taken a stand, and is using art to make a change.  Her blog posts provide her readers with explanations why she wants to share her work with the world:

I’m hoping that my video will raise at least a little bit awareness. Coming from a small town doesn’t mean that my video wont be noticed.. I’m happy to have thought, made and finished the video which is mainly dedicated to my wonderful sister who suffers from a mental disorder. Its time to make a stand and stop the stigma. I love my sister with all my heart and she is my twin and my other half. I don’t know what I would ever do without you. Keep on staying strong Victoria!! The reason for this post is to go along with my video and one day Id like Clara Hughes to respond back to me in some way to know that validation for my sister that there is help, there is more people like her out there and things will get better. (Kayla, March 31, 2015)

I hope that you will read through her blog.  Her posts are thoughtful and so personal.  I also want to thank her family for their courage — you are all an incredible inspiration, and your strength will help others.  (I guarantee it already has)

Recently, Kayla entered her video into TVO’s #ShortDocContest, and although it didn’t make it to their longlist, her work has done so much for others:  students, community members, and many more.  Please watch her video here:  (*we have had some minor issues viewing it on some mobile devices)

I really hope that Clara reads this post, and responds to Kayla in some way.  This is my way to help her out a bit. 🙂      Please share this post with others, to help Kayla use her art in a very positive way.  Consider leaving her a comment.



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