What do Educators Fear About Using Technology?

What holds us back from embracing technology in our daily practice?

I’ll be talking about these fears with some colleagues in a few months.  I’d love to hear your perspectives.  Please share your ideas in the comments below.  Thanks




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8 Responses to What do Educators Fear About Using Technology?

  1. adunsiger says:

    I wrote this blog post a little while ago now on the fear of using social media. I think it connects to your “fear of technology” question. Hope this helps.


    Curious to hear what others say.

    • colleenkr says:

      Thanks Aviva — what a fantastic post! I’m glad I have the link stored here on this blog post so that I can return to it again. While many of the points were very valid (especially those in list format), I fell in love with this phrase: “…and with thinking, often comes change.”

  2. buistbunch says:

    For many, it’s not a fear of technology. It’s a fear of trying anything new.

    • colleenkr says:

      Good point, Michael. A part of me is sad that this is even an issue in education, but another part of me is more realistic: we are always students, and learning how to deal with fear is part of the school of life. How can we use this connection we have with our students & make the most of it?

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