Using Google+ Communities to Encourage Feedback

Last semester, my students enjoyed using a Google+ Community to discuss ideas with students in Mexico.  This semester, my grade 12 students are using a  Google+ Community to connect with each other, with me, and their student-teacher.

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It isn’t always easy to share thoughts in school, and it can be really tricky for students to comment on each other’s work in class.  We often encourage students to give each other feedback, but this process can be awkward if we haven’t provided guidelines or a means by which students can offer their thoughts.

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Excerpt from Ontario’s Growing Success Document

I’m hoping that, by using a Google+ Community, students will gain a bit of perspective on their work.  Right now, they are merely sharing their work, and haven’t provided feedback for others, but they know that we will be doing this very soon.  Before we graduate to this next level, we will talk about the expectations for peer assessment, and agree to a few criteria to guide our comments.

In Monday’s Art Chat, a few art teachers discussed a variety of ideas, including peer feedback. *please don’t mind the technical glitches*

Do you have any tips or techniques that encourage students to discuss each other’s work? If you use guidelines, would you like to share them?


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