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A Stitch in Time

This summer, I had planned to hike several local trails and make the most of our beautiful region.  I had a painting to finish, and wanted to make sure I had several images that would potentially inspire my next artwork.  … Continue reading

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Have You Participated in a TLLP Project? Please Share Your Experience(s) with Technology!

Next month, Leanne Oliver and I will be leading a session for new TLLP groups. We are going to provide a variety of technology options for these new groups, such as Google Tools, Flipgrid, TeachOntario, Twitter, Telligami, etc., but we … Continue reading

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If I hadn’t tried TAB

Today, I introduced an activity to help my senior students notice the differences between lines and values.  I had been sifting through Clara Lieu’s playlist, “How to Draw a Portrait with Charcoal & Cross-Hatching” and thought that Clara’s tip to … Continue reading

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The #LearningLine Challenge

A few weeks ago, I invited people to participate in a new project.  My post was called “Draw a Line for Me“, but my very clever friend Rodd Lucier thought of a better way to share the project:  a hashtag. … Continue reading

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Teaching, Learning, Leading

  Teaching, Learning, Leading#leadership https://t.co/Vka1QEYcp1 pic.twitter.com/7yI4LliSx7 — Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR) March 28, 2016 . What is the relationship between teaching, learning and leading? These thoughts were prompted by reading Dr. Justin Tarte’s tweet this morning:   Leaders don’t change people. … Continue reading

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Stop. Please.

We had a brief staff meeting today, and a few comments from one staff member caught my attention more than anything else.  Yesterday, he took part in training and was surprised at how quickly he became frustrated when everyone else … Continue reading

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#LearningIsLike… ?

What is it like to learn?  Do you remember?  Has it been a while, or are you in the midst of learning?  How can you describe it?     My students and I are beginning to explore this topic, as … Continue reading

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What If I’m Not The Best Teacher For You?

This question caught the attention of my students today: “What if I’m not the best teacher for you?” — Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR) September 21, 2015   I am an art teacher, but every now and then, depending on our school … Continue reading

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Who’s The Teacher?

Last week, I decided to bring my guitar to class.  I had hoped to share what I was learning with my students, but the demonstration developed into something much richer than I had expected. Our class teaching our art teacher … Continue reading

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Teaching and Growing

Each semester (or year, if you’re an elementary teacher) is a fresh start, a new life.  You have new students, new personalities, and new dynamics.  There is so much to learn, and it’s all so exciting!  Wonderful young minds come … Continue reading

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